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Website Design Development Form

Aim of site
  • Purpose of your future site:
  • Future visitors of site:

Page design

  • Color gamma: (monotone or colorful, light or dark):
  • Colors to use in design (up to 3):
  • Unwanted colors:
  • Background color
  • Examples of sites you like (2 URLs):
  • What do you like in these sites:
  • What details do you want to get from these sites and use in your site development:
  • What element have to be on your page: (hint: logo, menu etc.)
  • Site style: business / freestyle
  • Amount of graphics on site:
  • Page structure (number of columns):
  • Page width: fixed (recommended) / 100%
  • Design align: left / center
  • Screen resolution: (1024x768 recommended)
Additional information:
  • Page content:
  • Top part content:
  • Bottom part content:
  • Main part content:
Navigation (We do not use frames)
  • Top menu: yes/no
  • Top menu items:
  • Left menu: yes/no
  • Left menu items:

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to discuss your new website design!

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